How Much Will a Lawyer Cost

A dog bite injury may sound like a small issue up front, but the cost of such an occurrence can add up quick. This is especially the case for folks who are worried about the need for litigation on the horizon. Fortunately, the costs of legal services on this front far outweigh the thrift of forgoing them, particularly when your day in court arrives.

For example, a dog bite victim may choose to seek compensation for their injury (particularly when they have excessive medical bills to pay). Without a lawyer, this victim may never get their full case before the court and be left without another means of gaining financial compensation. Similarly, those accused of liability in a dog bite case may find themselves forced to pay from the get-go unless they are able to utilize an attorney to defend their interests.

When compensation is in question, some lawyers also keep their up-front costs low by allowing themselves to be paid only when a case is completed. As a result, those seeking legal assistance from these individuals will be able to maintain their own financial stability while gaining the kind of legal support they need.

Where can I find a lawyer that’s right for my situation? 

While looking for legal support relating to your dog bite case, you may need to hunt around for a bit until you can find a specialist in this domain. If you live in Philadelphia proper, you may be able to find a whole handful of a legal teams who are willing to accept your case. However, if you live outside the city, you may need to travel a bit if you want to be able to meet with your lawyer face-to-face on a regular basis.

Once you’ve identified a Philadelphia Law firm that will take your case, be ready to ask them about their experiences in this field. More importantly, you should ask them about what you should expect as far building your case, as well as how long the litigation should last. If all of the pieces fall into place, you should have a dog bite lawyer that will serve you well as you prepare for your court day.

You were bitten by a dog – what’s next ?

A dog bite case is no laughing matter, especially when it results in a permanent injury or a serious infection. As such, it is very necessary to be fully prepared for litigation if you find yourself on either end of a canine bite. Regardless of your position in the case, you are far more likely to see your case through to success with the help of a lawyer. This is especially true if that lawyer has past experience working on cases like yours.


This same prior experience may help your lawyer draw in evidence that helps support your case beyond a doubt. This includes calling in evidence analysis experts who can break down the details of your evidence without missing an inch. This level of detail is well-worth it in the end because it is these minor details that many dog bite cases hinge upon.


Also, as in any other kind of litigation, a dog bite case will force you to fill out a seemingly endless amount of paperwork. If you go at it alone, you’ll be stuck doing all of this work yourself and you may make some mistakes along the way. Working with a dog bite attorney will allow you to more efficiently balance this work while ensuring that it is free of errors that would otherwise sidetrack your case’s progression.

Types of Injuries


A dog bite injury is never a good time, especially if it comes from a particularly large or strong canine. But they are surprisingly common in the US, with millions each year suffering dog bite injuries – often at the hands (or paws) of a stranger’s pet. These bites are more than something to be shaken off; in fact, they may even justify an effort to gain compensation.


This is where a dog bite law specialist comes into the picture. Though rare, these experts in relevant personal injury law can help you build a case against a dog owner who failed to keep their pet under control. While this may feel like a major step to take, the following questions and answers should show demonstrate to you the value in pursuing legal action for this type of bothersome injury.


If a dog bites you, you may just be able to clean out the wound and move on after it heals up. But some dog bites lead to infection, which itself can lead to undesirable side effects including loss of sensation, fever, and swollen lymph nodes. All of these are associated with unpleasant complications, making a case against the owner of the offending canine all the more justifiable.


In fact, you may be able to obtain compensation for your dog bite infection if you choose to pursue legal action. This kind of compensation can be crucial when it comes time to pay the resulting medical bills. Don’t second guess this, either – you will want a lawyer to lead your case in court so that you have the greatest chance of success.


So, you’re stuck in a difficult position – your dog bit somebody unexpectedly, but you don’t believe it was your fault. What are you supposed to do, especially if the bite victim threatens to press charges? You may need to lawyer up at this point, particularly with a dog bite law specialist with experience on both sides of this type of legal action.


As you will soon learn, the primary issue at hand is whether you are “liable” for your dog’s actions. While you may try to prove this on your own, only a skilled lawyer has what it takes to apply the laws and shape your evidence without missing a beat. While you may still have questions about why a lawyer would be necessary in this situation, these following answers should help you better understand the value of proper legal support at this critical time.